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Rogue Chimp Live at River Street Jazz Cafe 2011-05-20

Published May 20, 2011

Rogue Chimp
River Street Jazz Cafe
Plains, PA
May 20, 2011

Source: FOH SBD+ceiling mounted Schoeps MK4V's (9ft from stage)Schoeps VST62iu>Lunatec V2>Alesis HD24 w/EC-2 Converter upgrade (recorded at 24bit/48 khz)

Alesis Caddy>Nuendo 4 (Mix)Sound Forge Pro 10 (fades,iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>FLAC


Reviewer: RogueChimp - - June 6, 2011
Subject: Set List and info
1. Jerkob
2. Partial to polyrhythms>Demo song>
3. Demo song(2nd half)
4. RA
5. Weird song
6. Satellite Plorian B
7. Jimmy Lightning
8. Palindrome
9. Chill song>terminator>
10. Sweet fancy Moses>Hello Meow>Requiem>SFM
11. Classically Techno

Jacob Cole-Drums
Zach Cole-Synths
Mark Woodyatt-Violin/effects
Mike Nasser-Bass
Reviewer: splue - - June 6, 2011
Subject: this is different
i like it
Reviewer: shipcamein - - June 6, 2011
Subject: GREAT!
This is a great recording but... WHERE IS FREE MUSIC ORCHESTRA!?!?!

REALLY looking forward to that...

This was a great night... and a very different night for lack of better words... Good stuff as usual for a night at The Jazz...

As always: Thank you, Keith!